Dress-down Friday: Diane de Rougy

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Strange Flowers


After last week’s gawp at courtesan Liane de Pougy, who better to provide sartorial guidance this week than Diane de Rougy, an enigmatic dancer spied at Cambridge in the 1890s.

Now, you’re reading this so I’m going to assume you’re a worldly, astute kind of a person, and you may well have divined that Diane de Rougy is an assumed name. Good for you. It was in fact the nom de guerre of one Herbert Charles “Jerome” Pollitt (1871-1942), whose act offered an hommage to the French courtesan while also burlesquing the wafty organza extravaganzas of another DDF alumnus, Loie Fuller. Little is known of Pollitt’s later life, but early on he provided a fascinating link between 1890s Decadents and 20th century occultists. He was a subject of Whistler, a friend of Oscar Wilde and Aubrey Beardsley, and was veiled in organza-thin fiction by E. F. Benson…

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